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Members: Annie Lewandowski: Voice, Piano, Accordion John Dieterich: Guitar, Dobro Thomas Bonvalet: "Stringin' It," Audio Ducker, Feet Tapping, Hand Clapping, Mouth Organ, Amplified Office Bell, Six String Banjo, Metronomes with Bell, Drum Skin, Concertina, Amplified Harmonica, Jay Bird Call, Dry Poppy Pods Plectrum, Harmonica Reed, Microphones, Amps


Since its inception in 2007, the brainchild of Annie Lewandowski has grown from a band of one to one band: of color in a spectrum, of frequency between towers, of bodies reaching toward some abiding vision of nature. From these issue the voices, loves, and frayed truths that define the powerdove sound. Together with John Dieterich (of noise pop outfit Deerhoof) and Thomas Bonvalet (he of the solo project L’ocelle Mare), Lewandowski recently explored fresh yet somehow familiar territories on 2013’s "Do You Burn?" Now, on "Arrest", she and her fellow travelers erase another border from the map.

Although the sentiments of powerdove can be said to have taken root in Lewandowski’s native Minnesota, they constitute a landscape unto itself, where the ratio of land to sky is flipped, so that all listeners may have room to tread. Her words rest in crucibles of thought, given shape by the whittling away of excess rather than by ornament. Whether scintillating or charcoaled, the arrangements around those words follow their own magnetic north toward a horizon stippled with memory. At times insistent, at others peeling back layers to a childhood spent hiding under church pews, every melody thrums with quiet, propulsive energy: a telltale reminder that behind the grayest skies there is always a sun waiting to blind us with the promise of spring.


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