Best pick of 2019

Our pick is an eternal classic – YAMAHA C-40

Yamaha has been present in the market of musical equipment and instruments for many years. The accuracy and quality of these products are like the error-free mechanics that this company also produces. The meticulousness and meticulousness inherent in each stage of production have brought the brand high popularity in many countries around the world.

Brand popularity One of the most popular areas of this company is classical guitars. Traditions of their production are unchanged from the very beginning of production. Yamaha guitars have been praising the brand’s name around the world for decades. The company produces a wide range of classic tools, and one such model is the Yamaha C40.

Class “C”, to which this guitar belongs, differs in that it combines a democratic price and professional sound. Class “C” series guitars were created to make the guitar available to almost everyone, and I must say, the company has fulfilled this promise. One of the main differences between the tools of this class is the predominance of machine-made models. However, at all stages of production, the master monitors the quality control of each sample. This is how most models are made today.

The main differences of class “C” guitars: The strut system is designed to create maximum accuracy of tone and sound balance. Such models are not particularly sensitive, so they are used as students. For comparison, strut systems of other classes of Yamaha are designed to give the overall sensitivity or brightness of either the top or bottom notes. The layer of wood used in models of this class is slightly thinner than the layer of varnish. This does not affect the sound quality, but only makes the body of the guitar lighter and gives a natural sound. In the process of making Yamaha guitars are highly controlled, several models are removed from the batch for testing. If one copy is found to be defective, the entire line is inspected. This control guarantees perfect sound.

The classical guitar “Yamaha C40” is an instrument for a musician of any level: from a beginner to a professional. Many experts say that its sound is not inferior to premium instruments. Specifications: The strings in the Yamaha C40 are made of nylon, which will especially delight beginners in the field of music. In both upper and lower case, the instrument sounds great. The top of the guitar is made of spruce. The material goes through several stages before getting on the tool body: selection, processing, drying, etc. Another advantage of this material is high resistance to moisture, which can not help but rejoice. The case is made of mahogany (mahogany). Due to the use in the production of such materials significantly increases the acoustic capabilities of the tool. The width of the fingerboard (52 mm) will ensure the correct placement of the fingers. It is made of natural mahogany, which gives it lightness and a pleasant texture. This material will only polish over time, not wear out.